Philosophy & Vision

Our Mission

Guest satisfaction starts with employee satisfaction – so if you want to have contented guests, then you need to have contented employees. Of this, we are certain. Our employees are part of our extended family and our pride and joy. In a business philosophy based on trust and values such as fairness, attentiveness and sense of responsibility, it is our managerial duty to create a framework in which people can evolve and grow. Our credo “we love what we do” can only be lived within this kind of framework. By everyone in their – and especially in the right – position, alone and as part of the team. This is what drives us and is the deeper purpose of what we do: to create a place where people love what they do, so that they are able to give moments of joy to others, who will pay it forward. This sentence – “we love what we do” - sums up our attitude, it is the essence of our philosophy and the basis of our vision.
„Everyone can smile. A Concierge must smile from the heart.“
In loving memory: Tarik El Kehl, Head of Logis
„Everyone can smile. A Concierge must smile from the heart.“
In loving memory: Tarik El Kehl, Head of Logis

The cornerstones of our philosophy

We trust our employees and create a framework in which they can use and further develop all of their skills
We think, feel and act together and thereby mobilise a powerful source of energy (“swarm intelligence”)
We pay attention to high diversity in all aspects and live it internally and externally
We are fair, integer, appreciative, attentive, generous, open, sincere, tolerant, responsible and reliable towards EVERYONE and EVERYTHING
We oversee everything and it is our heartfelt wish that everybody who is connected with us is well and happy: our employees, our partners, our suppliers, our market competitors, the inhabitants and institutions of the region and our guests
We see ourselves as part of a greater entity and take responsibility for the matters that affect us all, such as environment, society, health, economy and education ("Enkelfähigkeit", creating value for generations)

The over 160 employees – 28 of whom are trainees – are the soul of our hotel, our greatest treasure and we, as an entrepreneurial family, are incredibly proud of each and every one of them. Some have been with us for more than 40 years. That’s what makes family businesses like the Europaeischer Hof Heidelberg so special. The passionate commitment that you, as our guest, will feel during every moment of your stay is an expression of our sincere and heartfelt hospitality. This above average service is only possible because we are all guided by one vision!